Hello, my dear friends. It’s me. The girl who has been calling you and leaving messages several times a day for the past week and hasn’t gotten a call back yet. I have a bit of advice that you all might want to consider:

1. ANSWER YOUR PHONES. I understand that this is a busy time of year for you all, with students moving in and out and whatnot, but it will be impossible for you to fill your units if you don’t actually pick up the phone. 

2. RESPOND TO MESSAGES. Again, I understand you are busy, but telling people in your voicemail message that you will return their call quickly and then not doing so is the height of unprofessionalism. All you are doing is showing your potential tenants that you are unlikely to respond if they approach you with maintenance issues or something similar. 

3. MAINTAIN YOUR WEBSITES. The number of times that I’ve had someone actually answer the phone to tell me that the unit listed on the company’s website (not even a third party site like Craigslist or apartments.com) is no longer available is beyond frustrating. If you have someone’s name on a lease and a move in date set, DELETE THE LISTING. 

This relocation process is a complete pain, and unprofessional and disorganized companies only make it worse. There are those companies I would like to commend, though:

1. The agent who offered to let me move in a few days earlier than the start of the lease. Thank you, sir. One of the most stressful things at the moment is that approaching day when I will have to vacate my current apartment, and your offer was very refreshing. 

2. The woman who, after showing me one unit, arranged for me to see two others I didn’t have an appointment for. Yes, this was you doing your best to sell your apartments, but it was wonderful to get a chance to see more options. 

3. The guy who I’ve called the past three days. After having someone take my contact information many times and never hearing from them again, I am beyond grateful that you’ve been patient and updated me on where my name is on the leasing agent’s list of messages. Thank you for giving me a timeline on when he will return my call. You da real MVP, Robert. 

Currently have to be out of this apartment in eight days without another place to live lined up, but IT’S FINE. I will do this. And I will have a place to live. And my Philly adventure will begin soon. Hopefully. 


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